Overview of Jan Schonk Tiles

On this page you can find an overview of the tiles of Jan Schonk. In case I have a picture, it is on view here.

The measurements are in millimeters and they can vary a little bit from tile to tile as the density of the material (clay) may differ a bit.

In case you have a picture of a tile which I do not present here, I would be much obliged if You would allow me to use it here.


Number Description Measurement in mm; H * W * D Picture
1 Mountain Goat 115*110*9

Cloisonnee tegel

Jan Schonk – Berggeit

2 Bizon 195*140*9

Cloisonnee tegel Jan Schonk

Jan Schonk – Bison

3 Chimaera
4 Two Jumping Antilope’s
5 Deer, lying down
6 Deer, standing
7 Cockatoo 193*150*10
8 Stork 195*115*9
Cloisonnee Tegel Jan Schonk

Jan Schonk – Ooievaar

Cloisonnee Tegel Jan Schonk

Jan Schonk – Ooievaar in alternatieve kleurstelling


9 Ox 115*110*9
10 Paradise Bird with Palm Trees 325*200*10

Cloisonnee Tegel Jan Schonk

Jan Schonk – Paradijsvogel met Palmen

11 a Paradise Bird near a lake/
11 b Flamingo in a Lake
12 Stilt-walker, large tile
13 Stilt-walker, small tile 194*75*12
14 Rooster, Bankiva Rooster 149*186*9
15 Silver Heron 195*115*9

foto 5

Jan Schonk – Zilverreiger

16 Fish
17 Stormvogels
18 Two herons in a landscape 310*350
19 Bird in the Night 325*200*10

foto 3

Jan Schonk – Vogel in de Nacht

20 Rotterdam Tile